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FIRE is the only way

FIRE is the only way

TLDR: FIRE is the way of the future, here is why.

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) as a principle might have started in the early 90s. But it is gathering steam across the board post 2008 subprime meltdown. I have posted many articles on how, why and types of FIRE.

But is it really only to retire early?

FIRE principle is about financial prudence

Making responsible decisions with money that you make.

FIRE is about anti consumerism

Buying the latest iPhone, TV, watch, car or the Mc Mansion is not going to improve your life in a significant way. You still need a phone, watch, TV (maybe), car and house but it doesn’t really need to be latest and greatest.

FIRE is about setting responsible life goals

Investing, planning for the future and being goal oriented doesn’t really have to do with just money. It should be what we should be doing all the time.

FIRE allows us to be time rich

FIRE is about taking back time and spending it with our kids, family, friends and loved ones. Not when you are 60, when the kids have left the nest and you are old, but now when you have the vigour and health to enjoy life more.

FIRE helps us to follow our passions

If you are born to work in a cubicle and that makes you happy, then more power to you. But most of us would rather follow our passions and make life more meaningful.

FIRE frees us from the tyranny of a pay check

As Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich dad, Poor dad fame said “Poor and middle class work for money, but rich have money work for them”. Don’t let a pay check shackle you to a job that you hate. FIRE fast, FIRE quick and enjoy the freedom from a pay check.

FIRE provides for month(s) long vacation

A 3 week vacation where you are scrambling for time to do anything. Why? Take months at a time if required. Reenergise, recharge and revitalise. Another recommendation here would be Tim Ferris - Four hour work week

FIRE gives us freedom to pursue higher goals

Find your higher purpose in life. Live for more.


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FIRE and playing the miles game

FIRE and playing the miles game

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