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Fund review series

Fund review series

TLDR: New segment in the blog for fund reviews

I am starting a new series of posts on mutual funds and ETFs. The objective of these posts is to provide

  • Investment objective of the fund

  • Benchmark comparison

  • Investment horizon

  • Fund expenses

  • Underlying holdings

  • Ratings if any from other finance portals

  • My review of the fund

I would start off this series with the ETFs that i am currently holding and my reason behind it. I will extend the review further into mutual funds that i am tracking / following / invested in.

If you have specific funds that you want me to review and provide commentary on, provide the names of the funds in the comments below.

I will aim to write 2 reviews each month which would give me adequate time to perform the necessary research and provide as much factual and accurate information as possible for the funds.

  1. Reliance Nifty Junior BeES ETF

  2. Reliance NIFTY BeES ETF

  3. ICICI prudential FMCG fund - direct plan

  4. ICICI Prudential Mid Cap select index ETF

Fund review - Reliance NIFTY Junior ETF

Fund review - Reliance NIFTY Junior ETF

Decisions decisions decisions

Decisions decisions decisions