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My India Index fund Portfolio - Q1 2019 review

My India Index fund Portfolio - Q1 2019 review

TLDR - Q1 2019 India Index portfolio review

    After a few week hiatus because of summer school break here in Singapore. I am back to my blog, hope you are all waiting eagerly for this update. My year in review for 2018 is available here.

Jan to Mar 2019

  The first quarter has been a bit of a surprise to most market watchers myself included. We have had a bit of a bull run over the last 3 months. Given that the elections are close at hand, i expected uncertainty to grip the market, Blue chip indexes Sensex and Nifty have done well, not so much the rest of the market.

Key index returns

How was the market return on key indexes Year-to-date in 2019

  • Sensex = 7.22%

  • Nifty = 7.01%

  • Nifty next 50 = 0.37%

  • Nifty mid cap 100 = 2.14 %

  • Nifty Small cap 100 = 3.46%

My Index Investments

  If you have not read my blog post on how i purchase my funds - i recommend you do that.  My purchases follow the market direction. There will be a few months where there are a lot more cash outflow than in other months based on how the prices are triggered.

Index Portfolio for 2019 as of 1-Apr-2019

I have roughly invested 1.84 lakhs into ETFs and the results aren’t bad. I am up by 10K and the return 5.49% is definitely acceptable but lags Sensex and NIFTY.

The split of the purchases during the last 3 months, look as below. Given the massive run during the month of March, none of the purchases have triggered. So my purchase chart looks something like this. Transactions in the months of Jan and Feb and nothing in March. My aim was to hit 75K every month on average but because of zero outlay for March my average is down to 61K, I am sure there will be other months in the coming quarters where I can make up for this.


I have eliminated the overlaps that I had in 2018, but I am still not a fan on the limited liquidity of ICICI Mid cap index, hope it will be become better soon.

2019 outlook - April to Dec

What does this all mean for 2019? There are many variables that can have an impact on 2019 outlook

  • Global market corrections

  • Assembly elections in India

  • Crude oil price variations

  • USD/INR price action impact

  • Emerging market pullback by FII

The points I mentioned earlier remain the same, the same uncertainties are bound to impact the market. So for investors who are on not sure of whether to invest or not, I would recommend taking small positions on every draw down.

What is your take on these indexes? What is your outlook for 2019 and are you planning a change in strategy for next year?

Leave your comments below.

Happy Investing - #MyFatFIRE

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